I looked forward to those meetings. I was able to feel comfort and assurance talking with my 'coach' who was also a CEO and who thus understood many of the things I was going through. I knew that your counsel was based on sound experience, not just textbook. You provided good guidance into what you saw was working and not working in our process. We have a much healthier and constructive group now. I am a better CEO today and Titan is a better company through your help.

-  Greg McGillis

"(Marty) is able to communicate the practical realities clearly and delivers real life stories with irresistible humour so that you remember it in your gut as well as your brain - the best kind of learning experience!"

-Nick Dove

If you are looking for a means to manage your time more efficiently, attain an even higher level of focus at work and ultimately, achieve greater results, then look no further than Marty Park. His vast experience and many successes in a variety of businesses lend credence to his training and coaching techniques.  Marty’s straight forward, real world yet highly entertaining presentations have helped me garner sales goals I have never thought possible. Most importantly, Marty treats people with a level of respect rarely seen by someone in his capacity.  He genuinely cares about maximizing your potential in both your work and personal life.”

- Colin Leading

Marty, you’ve shown me, rather than told me; what a balanced successful life can look like, and push me towards being the best “ME” I can be every day. You are an amazing business advisor who accepts our company’s big dreams as reality, and jump on board with our vision as if you were one of the team. You truly are part of our team…a very integral part. The return on the investment we have made as a company and individuals is enormous. The value you add to our company meets more than just the bottom line. You help add value to our lives as business people, and we all know business is so much more than making money.

- Ryan Gill

Marty is a wealth of knowledge and always seems to pull out a relatable story or situation that reflects on the issue at hand. His style & approach help to see different perspectives as he often challenges you to defend your position. His experience in business sales and transaction services was paramount for me in choosing to work with Marty. He just gets it.

- Elizabeth MacRae