About the Author

Marty is a rare breed. At the age of 21, while most students are neck-deep with homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company, with 8 staff members on payroll. Since then, Marty has owned and operated over 14 companies, across industries from software to restaurants, audio production to marketing – he has become an expert at business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

On top of being an accomplished entrepreneur, Marty is an award-winning business coach and has been involved in the launch, growth, restructuring or financing of a multitude of companies internationally. Working with clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance and achieve their ultimate vision of success, in business and life.

As a serial entrepreneur and veteran business advisor, Marty has identified strategies, ideas and specific actions that can help anyone create a better business and a better life. As a speaker his stories are real, relevant, and the tools and tips he shares are purposeful and immediately implementable.

His love of building companies is infectious and he has compiled the key lessons and secrets from all these years of business into Tiger by the Tail.

To learn more about Marty, visit www.martypark.com