Winner of the Kops-Fetherling Silver Award for Business and Career, Tiger by The Tail is an incredible resource of practical advice and encouraging real-life stories of the challenges and triumphs that come with being an entrepreneur.

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The Book

Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel operating their company is like having a tiger by the tail each day. They need practical, proven ways to help tame the cat now! This book is for every entrepreneur that got past the start-up phase, only to find the challenges got worse. This book brings together 99 secrets on how to masterfully operate a company for long term success and reward. These tips, tools and secrets are the keys that entrepreneurs can’t find anywhere else. These are the lessons and insights you can only learn the hard way ... until now. Tiger by the Tail has the ideas and tools to make you a Tiger Tamer and Master Entrepreneur.

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Who Is Tiger By The Tail For?

From the established entrepreneur who is struggling each day in their company, to the
person considering quitting their job to start a business, Marty Park’s business experience and proven secrets have transformed how people are thinking about operating a company and experiencing entrepreneurship.

Established Entrepreneurs

Leverage Tiger by the Tail to change and transform your daily operations into something stronger, easier and more profitable. Get back to enjoying every minute of running your business and benefitting from the risks you took to get here.

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Stepping onto the field of business can be daunting. Start-up entrepreneurs often don’t know what they don’t know and learn simply through mistakes and bad advice. Tiger By The Tail can save you from the pain, and potential failure, of your venture. Learn from someone who has experienced it all and shares the secrets of success.


No matter what internal demons you battle, the state of your existing business, or the
company you want to launch and grow, Tiger By The Tail is the fastest, and most
powerful way, to create a truly successful company and to become a master

The Author

Marty Park is a rare breed. At the age of 21, while most students are neck-deep with homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company, with eight staff members on payroll. Since then, Marty has owned and operated over 13 companies, across industries from software to restaurants, audio production to marketing – he has become an expert at business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

On top of being an accomplished entrepreneur, Marty is an award-winning business coach and has been involved in the launch, growth, restructuring or financing of a multitude of companies internationally. Working with clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance and achieve their ultimate vision of success, in business and life.

Through his coaching practice, Evolve Business Group, Marty has coached over 650 entrepreneurs and has delivered speeches and training programs to audiences globally.

To learn more about Marty, visit and follow him on social media for daily business ownership inspiration.

Unlock the Tiger tamer inside you and start kicking some business ass.

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